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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You Need a Website. Yes, You, Author!

You're an author. You need a website. You know you do. Your publisher expects you to have one. They're not helping though. What are your options? Hire a web developer? Yes, you could. I don't begrudge anyone his due, especially if he has an education and experience in a field and knows programming languages. Add visual design to the mix, and that person is worth his weight in gold. The web is a complex field and it's hard to figure out sometimes.
But, if you are in my shoes, where books are probably an avocation, which you continue to work at to turn them into a vocation, and you make only a buck or two per copy, you can easily outspend income.
I'm offering design for a basic web site. I've made my living for 20 years in one form of design or graphic arts or another. I've had experience designing for the web, but do not have all the development (coding/programming) skills. So, I do the visual set up, focussing on who you are, how you want to represent yourself on the web—kind of like a book cover for YOU! Then, I work with a developer who is prepared to do the basic coding for a basic site, to get it up and live.
It worked for Joyce Moyer Hostetter, it worked for me; it can work for you.

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Jeannie Smith said...

Hey there Mr. Nathan. You don't know me but you know my sister Joyce Moyer Hostetter. I heard about the great job you were doing as you designed her new website and was anxious to see it's completion. I must say you did a super job. The design is appealing, inviting and holds many "warm fuzzies" with the scrapbook, picture book format.