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I have done pictures since I can remember. I took all the art classes in junior high and high school I could and naturally became an art major in college. I graduated with a BFA in art and writing and marry the two by writing and illustrating children's books.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Looong time No Speak

It's been something like 9 months since my last post! For all two of you out there watching and reading: sorry! But, I was creating a book as fast as my mousing finger could click and trying to get it done before the birth of our second son in April. Basically, it got done with a cover still due after Emory's arrival in our lives. It was all approved about a month ago and I've begun concepts on a next title.

But, I've also been working on a website design that brings back Stickman Studio on the web (has been defunct for awhile) and displays a combined portfolio of my book illustrations as well as my commercial work. The plan is to have this blog, the site, Twitter, YouTube and a Facebook page all working together.

Please view the teaser for Job Site on YouTube. It's due out in Spring of '11, and watch for an updated look and a more photo blog style at this site in the very near future.