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Sunday, September 13, 2009

namelos. The opening move in a new age of publishing

A Publishers Weekly story this week http://tinyurl.com/ocydmf caught my attention when I noticed my former publisher's name, Stephen Roxburgh, founder of Front Street and former publisher at Boyds Mills Press.
namelos editions http://www.namelos.com, the next phase of his namelos publishing effort, announces it's moves to publish electronic and POD books. The article reads in part "namelos will handle financial arrangements with agents and publishers on a project-by-project basis, with the splits depending on its level of involvement. (Industrywide, agents typically get 15 percent of everything.) Namelos will be equal profit-sharing partners with its authors and will not pay advances. “If it’s $4, the author gets $2,” Roxburgh said. “If I sell an electronic edition for $6, the author gets $3."
Some retracting remarks are made by longtime literary agent and industry observer Richard Curtis, and publisher of E-Reads.com. However, knowing Stephen, he hasn't embarked on anything he hasn't weighed carefully and is poised for great success. He's working with some big names: Carolyn Coman (Newbery Award winner), Donna Diamond (illustrator for Bridge to Terabithia).
namelos (which means "nameless" from a medieval German epic poem and is intentionally lowercased) will read any manuscript for $200 and give a five-page evaluation to prepare would-be authors for submission. There is also pricing for a greater commitment to develop projects and match authors with agents and editors at publishing houses.

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