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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Helllp! Perspective!

I'm working now on the next book under contract with Boyds Mills Press, Job Site. Hopefully, it can be released for their Fall 2010 catalog, but there are no promises on a schedule until they have it in hand (May 1, 2010 is my deadline).
Because this is a detailed story about a construction site with a lot of machinery, and beca
use I am all about odd angles and perspectives, I have to get the
perspective right. I was struggling with this particular frame. Where does the horizon go? Do both the crane and tower have the same vanishing points?
Enter, the blogosphere. I actually found a great soul who blogs about art, art lessons and even perspective: Julie Duell. I asked for help. She was more than happy, and posted th
ese thoughts for me. Very helpful. I will maintain a permanent link for Julie on the right.
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for online lessons.


JoyceHostetter said...

Wow! That is so impressive!! You are way above my head!

Kevin Spear said...

Some great insights and another great site referral. I'm going to post about this one on my blog.

Nathan said...

Thanks to both of you.