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Monday, March 16, 2009

Life in the Spotlight

  Now, why would I want to pursue something like this? I've done school visits, and want to be better at them. That's why.
  Peter Jacobi: I.U. journalism professor and former newsman for NBC and ABC; longtime friend/speaker for Highlights Foundation—both at the Founder's House and Chataquah.
  There's another reason.
  I learned to be a better speaker. To grab attention. To offer something of value to students from grades 1 through 6. And, I connected with many cool and very friendly people who are great writers and generous souls.
  ...reason numbers 3 through 9.
  Read all you can from Joyce Moyer Hostetter, rising star in the YA market. Here's her blog.
  Google alert Anne Greenawalt. She's finishing a book, Thigh Flashers, about Spartan women in the Olympics—300-something B.C. She's in final edits; she's got an agent; she's sure to be published; and if nothing else, she's very sweet. Also, check out her book of short stories, Growing Up Girl.
  Take a look at Mary Corcoran's science book, The Quest to Digest (Parent and Children's Choice Awards). She has another coming out soon about the circulation system. Here explanations about science in the body are perfect for classroom use and her illustrator, Jef Czekaj, is fanatastic.
  And also, among the published, is Carol Murray. She's a poet who knows it.
  Deb Rossi is concerned with character education, and didn't wait around for anyone to catch up. She's published her own book for kids, No Horsing Around, and is talking to guidance counselors to get her program into schools.
  Seems Melissa Starr can write about anything, and is serious about a couple of novels. She is also working on a series of picture books using Aunt Agnes as a backdrop for the antics of an apparently never ending stream of precocious nieces and nephews. Aliens..ants..'nuff said.
  All these fine people are now trained and ready for school and library visits, so sign them up!


Joyce said...

Hey - thanks for the shout out!! Great blogpost. I desperately need to blog but have to catch up on family first!
I'll send your pics as soon as I can.

Anne Greenawalt said...

Hey, thanks for the nice comments! Your blog is looking good. In response to your comment on my blog - I am also a little daunted by trying to make contacts for school visits. But it's also a little exciting. I guess it's just something that bookish people like us have to get used to.
Good luck!!