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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Art in the Family

I just got an email from my nephew (10 yrs.):
   "Uncle Nathan,
     I found a picture on the internet of Captain Rex, a clone trooper off of Star Wars and I drew this picture freehand as I looked at the one from the Internet. I thought you might like to see it."
    A few weeks ago, I asked my cousin Lois, who has recently "retired" from the Bay Area to Mazatlan to help establish Hospice there—to send me some of her work. She's taken up painting again. The light. Ah!
    I guess my grandma was the one who started it all. I have this piece (horses) in our bedroom. I didn't find out until she was gone that this is done in soils from the south. She loved the south and wouldn't have come back north I guess, if it weren't for the war and my grandfather's need for employment.
  I've been looking at that picture my whole life.

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Joyce said...

You have a wonderful heritage! And sounds like you get plenty of family support!

I love Lois' painting! LUV it!