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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Southern Kentucky (SOKY) Book Fest

I haven't said anything about it on my blog, but since I spent the weekend in Bowling Green at this nice book fest, I'll say something now. 9—4 on Sat. Sat between two very nice gentlemen: Marvin Jarboe, illustrator of several books including My Sailor Dad; and, another gentleman whose name's escaping me now. He was a sub-in so he's not in the program. But, he introduced me to everyone he knew.
   I was also on an illustrator's panel with Indianapolis illustrator Adam Seif (no link yet), Susan Eaddy, clay illustrator (who sold out), and Dennis Calero, X Men comic book artist (follows me on twitter). That was fun. Answered a few questions. Short.
   Chuck Barris was there. Yes, the gong show host. I met Gaby Triana (bestselling YA author) who follows my twitter, chatted with Marlis Day of Indianapolis (twitter), Dana Canedy, A Journal for Jordan was there. She was on Oprah a few weeks ago. Can't forget Janice Ian, Society's Child and singer songwriter of that 60s Seventeen song.
   Glad I went. Forgot my camera.

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