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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Illustration Underdrawing of Old King Cole at Final Charcoal Stage

When last we left OKC, he was just line work. I think after today, I'll say the black and white work is done.
   Next, I'll apply oil tints. The grasshopper and 2 crickets are not very visible at this point, but I'll bring them back out in opaque color. The background colonnade will drop way back after it gets it oil washes.
   Now, for some candlelight.


Wenda said...

I love OKC. Great creativity.

Joyce said...

Oh, that is impressive!!!

Joyce said...

Nathan, that is sooo impressive!!!
Love your work!

Nathan said...

Thanks, everybody. I'm itching to get the color going. Spent the day drawing charts for an engineering company. It's money...

Louis said...

This is great. Wish I could see a a larger view.

Nathan said...

Thanks Louis. Color on this is about 75% done. Once it's complete, I'll post a larger view. Thanks for your interest.